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Cristina Iliescu
Tavi Voina

Kiss Me Like The Moon/ Sărută-mă ca luna

Directing: Letiția Popa

Photography: Marius Măldăianu

Editing and Sound Design: Letiția Popa

Sound Recording: Iulia Ivan

Starring: Cristina Iliescu, Octavian Voina, Victor Stoica

Year: shot in 2018, distributed from 2021

Language: Romanian

Genre: experimental

Medium: 35 mm, b&w 

Length: 7 minutes

Producer: UNATC

Previous Screenings: Balkan Film Food Festival - 2021

InShort Film Festival - 2021

Kalakari Film Festival - 2022

ARTINVITA - Abruzzo International Festival - 2022

Thessaloniki Free Short Festival - 2022

Awards: Festival Internacional de Cinema Independente - 2021: Curatorship Special award of the international short films competition by CineMAZ -

Garoa Awards - Monthly Short Film Festival of São Paulo - October, 2021:

Best student film 

Best director of student film 

Best sound design of student film

 Best cinematography of student film

Cinemaiubit Film Festival - 2021: Nina Behar Award

Festival dei Lumi Italy: Best student film award -2022

Shot on 35 mm black and white, the film explores the hopes of a recently lost relationship. A girl is waiting in the bus station. Suddenly, she sees a car passing by. A child in the rear seat is aiming a toy gun at her. In a split second, she escapes into a dream world, surrounded by nature and her beloved. Slowly, the dream fades away, as she realises she is trapped in an ancient fantasy, where the Garden of Eden is hidden behind city rivers, and the forbidden fruit is carried into a piece of cake, forwarding her into awareness.

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