Song from the backyard/ Cântece din curtea din spate

Film developed during filmic field research With the head through the wall, in collaboration with Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

website of the project:

language: Romanian
year: shot in 2018, distributed from 2022 on
running time: 20 min.

genre: documentary

starring: Gheorghiță Neamțu

camera: Jan Phillip Ernsting

sound recording: Lisa Wischer

sound design and mixing: Daniel Rizea 

production: Lisa Wischer and Viktoria Jaenssen

directing and editing: Letiția Popa

producer: UNATC + Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

avant-premieres: Cinemaiubit 2020selected for Ji.hlava East Silver Market 2020


Shot in a cinéma verité style, a group of students try to make a film in Botoșani penitentiary. They start to follow Gheorghita, a worker from the kitchen. He is working hard to gain the trust of the guards and to blend in with his fellow inmates. As the students get closer to him, they realise how the environment ends up shaping the identity of the individual.