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poster by Anna Grozavu



dedicated to Popov Family



language: Romanian
year: 2018
running time: 32 min.

genre: documentary

sound: Andreea Nedelcu

editing: Carina Pușcașu

directing and camera: Letiția Popa

producer: UNATC

Previous Screenings and awards:

Astra Film Festival - 2018: Best directing award (Doc School)  

Cinemaiubit - 2018

Balkan Can Kino - 2018

DocuArt - 2018

Film Pe Paine Film Festival - 2019: Third Prize

Nominated at Europa Prix Rising Stars - 2019

Ji.hlava International Film Festival - 2019

Fipa Doc Film Festival - 2020

Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium Athens - 2020

Kalakari Film Festival - 2022

Documentarul la Dunăre - 2022


The director’s observational camera enters the home of a family living in a village in the Danube Delta, where the birth of another girl arouses more tension stemming from the uneasy life of the extended family.


In her short film, the director thematises a conflict between generations of three women reliant on each other, while Maria, a ten-year-old girl who has to take care of her younger sisters, comes into focus. In the timelessness of traditional rural relationships, shown in a slow pace of everyday life, Maria’s childlike innocence is exposed to harsh orders of her grandmother who requires respect and proper conduct.


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