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• 2022: Best Romanian films of 2022

featured in:

2022: Seară de scurtmetraje realizate de femei la Brașov și Sibiu. Zilele Sofia Nădejde 2022

• 2022: ZILELE SOFIA NĂDEJDE 2022 - SCURTMETRAJE REALIZATE DE FEMEI Proiecție la București – 28 august ora 19.00 MNLR

• 2022: BIEFF – Competiția națională – un trial and error organic

• 2022: CONVORBIRI VIRTUALE de la BIEFF - Maybe there is no distance

•  2021: sacred strands online exhibition:  

Sacred Strands is an exhibit of art exploring connections. Sacred threads is an inquiry into connectivity. A blend of fragility and strength with the utmost honesty; an invitation into what interconnectivity means and what shared strings tie us together.

•  2021: a short inquiry on documentary:

•  2020:

3rd Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium

“Looking at and Looking into” Q&A:

• 2019:

interview by Tettyo Saito:

• 2018:

featured in:

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