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Maybe there is no distance, 2021

Synopsis: A phone conversation between two lovers that are no longer together, who are attempting to make sense of what they were unable to comprehend at the time. A glimpse into what it's like to feel uncomfortable in your country of refuge and the emotional implications that are being triggered from that. 

The visual structure combines found footage with an archival film about the evolution of the music in the Middle East, suggesting their inward journey. 

link: here

Marie, 2018

Synopsis: A short film dedicated to 3 generations of women from the village Chilia Veche, located in Delta Dunarii, an isolated area. The film follows the dynamics between Maria, a 10-year-old girl, and her grandmother, and the exchange of responsibilities between them. Maria has 4 
sisters. The depicted events are happening immediately after the birth of her fifth sister.

link: here

pass: Chilia Veche

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